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From farm to hearth to table, Metropole’s commitment to building strong purveyor relationships is at the heart of our menus. We work closely with a number of local farmers and artisanal producers and look forward to growing collaborations in the Queen City.

Purveyor highlights include:

  • The fine folks at Blue Oven Bakery are supplying wood for the fireplace and the irresistible, wood-fired bread. Located in Williamsburg, Ohio, Mark and Sara are committed to making bread the old fashioned way, with loaves that are made by hand and baked in a wood-fired blue stone oven.
  • 21c founders Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson’s Woodland Farm in Goshen, Kentucky is supplying hormone-free, grass-fed bison.
  • Bill and Beth Dean of Georgetown, Ohio’s Dean Family Farm provide us with delicious Red Wattle pork. Once thought to be extinct, Red Wattle is a rare heritage breed known for its delectable meat and friendly demeanor.
  • Loose leaf tea comes from our friends at Elmwood Inn. Based in Danville, Kentucky, Elmwood explores the world in search of extraordinary teas, honoring and respecting the source of those teas.
  • French press coffees come from a variety of local micro-roasters, like Northern Kentucky’s Carabello Coffee.
  • Located in North Bend, Ohio, Carriage House Farm brings vegetable, grains and outstanding local honey to our tables. Operating since 1855, six generations of family have worked the land. The historic location, home to our ninth President William Henry Harrison, is a diverse ecosystem of a patchwork quilt of small farms, parkland, residential communities and floodplain.
  • Alexandria, Kentucky’s Greensleeves Farms brings seasonal produce to Metropole. Farmer Gretchen Vaughn is passionate about chemical-free, sustainable farming methods and her pride shows in her produce.
  • Shelton Heritage Farm provides us with heritage breed Large Black Pigs. Located in Ohio’s Adams County, the rich agricultural history provides the optimal backdrop for operating a back-to-basics, grass roots farm. Shelton Heritage Farm animals are free range and exercised on rotated pastures, which has been proved to produce the tastiest and highest quality meat on the market today.
  • Findlay Market favorite Colonel De Gourmet Spices brings spices – and plenty of local flavor – to the dishes at Metropole.