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Introducing Tony Creed, General Manager of Metropole

Posted on Thursday, Dec. 2, 2021

“We are thrilled to have Tony join our team here in Cincy.  He has such great experience steeped in 21c and is a breath of fresh air! He is the perfect person to join us as we prepare to celebrate our 10th Anniversary!” – Chef Vanessa

From Derby City to the Queen City, and several 21c properties in between, Tony Creed has been a integral part of our flock since 2013. Having worked for our flagship property at Proof on Main and helping to a majority of our new 21c properties and their restaurants, we couldn’t think of anyone more fitting to lead our team at Metropole.

21c: Tell us about your career journey with 21c, because Metropole is not your first stop.

TC: I started in 2013 at our flagship property, 21c Louisville, in 2013 as a breakfast server and became restaurant manager in 2015. Since then, I’ve helped open five of our eight properties and have traveled to work in all of them except for Bentonville.

21c: What are you most excited about with the move to Cincinnati?

TC: I’m excited to work with the wonderful team that we’ve established at 21c Cincinnati. And can’t wait to help bring on new Yellow Penguins to our flock! Also the food… can’t forget the food!!

21c: What’s your favorite food/drink city (to visit) and why?

TC: I love most of the cities I have been to, but I do have a process to finding the best food/drink in each city. First, find the hole in the wall bar. Then make friends with the bartenders and ask them what their late night burrito place would be. ALWAYS find a burrito place!

21c: What’s your favorite spirit?

TC: All things Campari…  Negroni or just Campari and soda.

21c: Do you already have a favorite on the Metropole menu?

TC: The Burrata with fresh heirloom tomatoes is delicious. Also the Roasted Duck. And who can forget the hardworking kitchen that makes it all happen… the “beers for the crew” is a wonderful chef’s kiss.

21c: Lastly, what are you most looking forward to as you take this new path with 21c?

TC: I’m excited to not only grow the concept at Metropole and 21c Cincinnati. But to grow as a human. In life you need to be able to adapt to multiple situations, and in this role I’m going to be able to just that. I can’t wait for all the fun and adventures Metropole is going to have to offer.